Saros Community Airdrop: First Wave

Saros Community Airdrop: First Wave

Saros Super App is gearing up for our launch on Solana, accompanied by the introduction of SAROS - the utility token that will fuel our ecosystem. SAROS will play a pivotal role in our community, incentivizing active participation, rewarding long-term builders and supporters, and fostering a thriving economy.

The distribution of SAROS will occur in waves, beginning with the First Wave: Community Airdrop. A total allocation of 385,382,000 SAROS (~3.85% of the total supply) will be distributed as part of the Saros Community Airdrop

The Saros community airdrop acknowledges the three core spectrums of our growth: Loyalties, Visionaries, and Pioneers.

Loyalties: Sarosian community

Since our inception in 2021 on Solana, the Sarosians have always been the core engine of growth for Saros. Together, we have achieved various remarkable milestones:

  • Total accumulative trading volume of $100M+
  • More than 108K+ total users
  • Partnerships with 280+ projects

Users who have interacted with our product suite before 23:59 UTC Jan 15, 2024 are eligible for this airdrop. Eligibility for this allocation is based on user trading volume, liquidity provided on Saros.

Eligibility criteria based on trading volume

Rank Eligibility criteria Eligible addresses SAROS per address Total SAROS allocation
Rank 5 $500K ≤ Total trading volume 35 500,000 17,500,000
Rank 4 $100K ≤ Total trading volume < $500K 97 100,000 9,700,000
Rank 3 $10K ≤ Total trading volume < $100K 665 50,000 33,250,000
Rank 2 $1K ≤ Total trading volume < $10K 3431 10,000 34,310,000
Rank 1 $10 ≤ Total trading volume < $1K 57470 2,000 114,940,000
Total 61,698 209,700,000

Eligibility criteria based on liquidity provided

Rank Eligibility criteria Eligible addresses SAROS per address Total SAROS allocation
Rank 5 $500K ≤ Total liquidity provided 7 500,000 3,500,000
Rank 4 $100K ≤ Total liquidity provided < $500K 12 100,000 1,200,000
Rank 3 $10K ≤ Total liquidity provided < $100K 78 50,000 3,900,000
Rank 2 $1K ≤ Total liquidity provided < $10K 129 10,000 1,290,000
Rank 1 $10 ≤ Total liquidity provided < $1K 669 2,000 1,338,000
Total 895 11,228,000

Visionaries: Ninety-Eight ecosystem


As a proud product of Ninety-Eight incubation, Saros thrives within the Ninety-Eight Ecosystem, leveraging the guidance and incubation provided by this esteemed brand. Aligned with the vision of making Web3 accessible to everyone, users of Ninety-Eight ecosystem products including OneID, Starship, and Coin98 will receive an allocation of 126,804,000 SAROS (~1.26% of the total supply).

This allocation serves as a gesture of appreciation and an invitation to experience Saros - the first Super App on Solana. Eligibility for this allocation is as follows:

Project Eligibility criteria Eligible addresses Total SAROS allocation
OneID Unique holders of OneID NFTs as of 23:59 Jan 15, 2024 3,972 7,944,000
Starship Holders of Starship NFTs (adjusted for the number of NFTs held) as of 23:59 Jan 15, 2024 2,270 100,000,000
Coin98 $C98 native stakers on Ethereum, BNB, and Viction as of 23:59 Jan 15, 2024 905 18,860,000
Total 7,147 126,804,000

Pioneers: Superteam contributors


Solana is our forever home, we recognize the foundational role of this ecosystem, along with its remarkable communities to our success. Accordingly, we have decided to allocate a distribution of 37,650,000 SAROS (~0.38% of the total supply) for the SuperteamDAO - one of the most boundaries-breaking and meta-defining communities of builders on Solana.

Members SAROS per address Total SAROS allocation
Superteam Leaders 24 100,000 2,400,000
Superteam Contributors 705 50,000 35,250,000
Total 729 37,650,000

Wen claim? Where claim? How claim?

We understand your eagerness to get hold of your SAROS allocation, and we are thankful for that. Your SAROS airdrop allocation has already been distributed using Coin98 Vault. Why? Because it is safe, can not be faked, and our beloved community deserves to be treated that way 💜

For a detailed tutorial on how to claim your allocation using Coin98 Vault, visit:

How to use Coin98 Vault on Coin98 Super App

How to use Coin98 Vault V2 with Coin98 Extension wallet

A special message from us

The SAROS airdrop for the Ninety-eight ecosystem will be distributed using the SAROS token (VRC-25) deployed on Viction, these allocations have already been included in the total SAROS supply of 10 Billion.

The SAROS (VRC-25) token will soon be tradable on Baryon ( and bridge-able to SPL (Solana) via Spacegate in Coin98 Super Wallet.

Let the community airdrop begins!

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