Into the Solana Horizon: HyperRadiance

Into the Solana Horizon: HyperRadiance

Saros -  THE Super App designed to redefine your Web3 experience on Solana is excited to launch our next leg into the Solana Horizon: HyperRadiance

Introducing HyperRadiance

HyperRadiance is a point program designed to enhance your experience with every interaction on Saros.

To fully hand power over to the community, our point program is set to be matched for encouraging the Saros community. HyperRadiance is designed to stay with you all for future massive milestones of Saros in the Solana Ecosystem. 

HyperRadiance - Saros Points Program 

Why are Saros Points crucial?

Bearing in mind that community is the core of Saros, HyperRadiance is designed to reward and empower explorers across the entire Saros ecosystem. Saros Points will be there as a method for distributing community power. 

Moving towards this goal, we can't wait to see how HyperRadiance will enhance our community experience. 

How to join

You only need to use Saros Super App / Extension to enjoy our Saros DEX. Saros points will be automatically counted as what you are contributing to Saros Ecosystem. 

Download your Saros Super App here: 



Then, let's explore via our DApp Browser, all your actions on our SAROS DEX will be counted as points. 

If you are not familiar with the action on mobile phone, you can download our Saros Wallet Extension here and access to by our Saros Wallet as points will still be counted for your interaction. 

Easy as that!

How are points calculated?

For fair opportunity distribution among users, we have designed a hypervigilant mechanism to bring the best rate for all contributors:

Note: Trades via routes outside Saros AMM route will NOT be counted for Saros Points. Recommended trading pairs:

  • SAROS / C98
  • C98 / USDC
  • MPLX / USDC ...
Saros Routing


Saros has set up a leaderboard for our contributors to check out their progress when farming Saros Points. Check it out here.

The points gained from contributors will be updated weekly on our leaderboard. 

For example: If you gained 100 points from farming LP in the first week and still hold it until the end of the second week, you will have another 100 points up to the volume at the moment we snapshot -> After 2 weeks you have 200 points.

Incentives from Saros Point 

It's about time for you to enjoy premiums as an explorer in the Saros Ecosystem.

Saros Chest includes an array of opportunities for contributors to receive huge incentives from Saros Ecosystem.

Saros Chest

The Saros Chest will be distributed directly to your participating wallet on Saros per your Leaderboard rankings. Check out the tier classification:

To fully understand, the more Saros Points you farm, the more Saros Chests you receive! 

If you fall below the 1000 rankings, do not worry a bit. Every bit of your interaction is highly appreciated by the Saros Team one way or another 👀

That's basically all you need to know about HyperRadiance Season 1 - Saros Points Program. Let's explore and enjoy the premiums!


About Saros

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