PIP Staking Pool is LIVE!

As a part of October activities on Saros, we present to you a new PIP staking pool. Stake PIP to earn PIP with no permanent loss.

PIP Staking Pool is LIVE!

What is PIP?

PIP is a web3 social platform that enables the interoperability of traditional social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and allows creators to own and monetize their own content.

The project provides the solution for transacting value on social platforms, linking social identity and content monetization empowerment.

$PIP is the native token of PipDAO.

Learn more about PIP here

Pool details

  • Total reward: 250,000 $PIP
  • Tentative duration: 3 months from September 29th to December 29th, 2022 (UTC+7). The duration may varies due to Solana's actual rate.
  • Users can check the detailed block at explorer.solana.com

Tutorial on how to Stake on Saros here.

Start Staking NOW!

More projects will be on Saros PrimeTime. Stay tuned!

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