Cykura PrimeTime: CYS Staking Pool!

We are starting this August with a bang - CYS PrimeTime - CYS Staking - where you can stake and earn CYS simultaneously. No impermanent loss!

Cykura PrimeTime: CYS Staking Pool!

Stake CYS, Earn CYS. Easy!

We are delighted to have Cykura as one of our first PrimeTime featured projects. Cykura is an automated market maker platform that allows liquidity providers to choose the price range at which their liquidity is active - also called "concentrated liquidity".

CYS is the governance token of Cykura.

Learn more about Cykura here.

CYS Staking Pool: Stake CYS and Earn CYS.

Pool details:

  • Total reward: 25,000 CYS
  • Tentative duration: The duration may varies due to Solana's actual rate. The pool will start at block 146,051,058 and end at block 152,531,058.
  • Users can check the detailed block at

Tutorial on how to Stake on Saros here.

Start Staking NOW!

More projects will be on Saros PrimeTime. Stay tuned!

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