How to farm COW on Quarry using Saros LP Tokens

This guide will instruct you on how to maximize the profits by adding liquidity and farm Saros LP tokens on Quarry

How to farm COW on Quarry using Saros LP Tokens

Do you want to maximize the profits when adding liquidity? With this guide,  you will learn how to provide liquidity and yield farm on Quarry using Saros Finance. To do so, a Coin98 Wallet should be installed and SPL tokens should be prepared.

Why Quarry?

Quarry Protocol is a farming project built on the Solana ecosystem. Similar to other forms of Yield Farming, you will provide LP tokens to Quarry by making a deposit or lending your assets, after which you will profit or receive portions in return. Instead of holding a token, you can bring those tokens to add liquidity and double, even triple the profits by taking LP tokens to farm.

There are a lot of pools where you could provide liquidity, and the APY is varying.

Farm COW on Quarry using Saros LP Tokens

Now users can add liquidity diversity for Saros pools. Overall, in order to farm COW on Quarry using Saros LP Tokens, you will have to:

  1. Provide liquidity for Saros pools. Currently, you can add these token pairs to farm COW later on Quarry: C98 - CASH, POLE - CASH, PORT - CASH, PRT - CASH. After adding liquidity, you will receive LP tokens.
  2. Use LP tokens to stake on Quarry and receive COW tokens.


To get started earning with Saros, a Coin98 Wallet should be installed. Check out the ultimate tutorial: Set up Coin98 Solana Wallet
Prepare single asset to add liquidity: C98, POLE, PORT, PRT

  • CASH: You can buy by swapping on Saros. We recommend using a pair USDC <> CASH or SOL <> CASH. This instruction will take C98 & CASH as the image below.
  • C98 SPL: You can buy C98 SPL through FTX and then send it to Solana Wallet or buy directly through MoonPay on Coin98
  • POLE, PORT, PRT: You can swap on Saros

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Swap C98 SPL <> CASH on Saros

Add liquidity on Saros Finance

Step 1: Open Quarry (

Step 2: Click the Connect Wallet icon in the upper right to connect to Coin98. Select Browse Rewarders.

Step 3: Quarry currently supports many different Liquidity Pools, you can choose the one that suits your farming needs. Here I will choose Cash Cow. Select View Quarries.

Step 4: In order to farm on Quarry, you need to have a pair of LP tokens according to the pool you have chosen. To create this LP token pair, select the icon as shown.

Step 5: Quarry will then redirect you to Saros's website. Select Add Liquidity

Step 6: Check and confirm the order

Step 7: The transaction is completed and you can see Your Liquidity.

Note: You can check your transaction by copying your Wallet address to

In order to check your added liquidity, Click Pools as the image below:

Farm COW on Quarry using Saros Liquidity Pool (LP)

Step 1: After adding the LP token pair on Saros, you return to the Quarry interface and scroll down. In the “Deposit” field, enter the amount of LP CASH-COW tokens you want to add. Select Deposit.

Note: When depositing LP tokens on Quarry, you should prepare a little SOL in your wallet as a network fee.

Step 2: Confirm again in the Coin98 Wallet that you have completed the Add Liquidity to farm COW.


How to withdraw LP tokens from the liquidity pool?

If you want to stop farming, scroll down and select Withdraw. Enter the amount of LP tokens you want to withdraw. Select Withdraw.

How to remove liquidity on Saros?

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Can I unstake on Quarry and remove liquidity from Saros anytime?

You can unstake and remove staking immediately, the token will be transferred directly to your wallet.

Does Saros charge any fees?

Saros doesn't charge any fee, you only have to pay the network fee by SOL.

What are APY rewards? Is there any farming limitation?

APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is the actual annual rate of return (compound). There's no minimum or maximum farming limitation.


In conclusion, we have just provided the most detailed information about how to farm COW on Quarry using Saros Liquidity Pool. What do you guys think about this? Please comment below to discuss with Saros! If you have any questions or have any problems when adding liquidity on Saros and staking via Quarry, please comment below and join the Saros Chat group for support! Don't forget to follow us to quickly update all features and learn more tips on how to use Saros most effectively!

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