Saros Biweekly Times | W14 & W15 - 2022

Another two hectic weeks in DeFi just passed. Let’s take a look at how Saros has built and achieved via this bi-weekly update.

Saros Biweekly Times | W14 & W15 - 2022
Saros Biweekly Times | W14 & W15 - 2022

Time flies so fast and we've been hard at work providing the best to the Saros community. Our goal is to offer the finest experience and assist more users in landing on Solana space in detail and the DeFi realm in general. That's why we try to build more integral integrations, bring advantageous updates & features, and organize fruitful events that we can all enjoy.

We hope you appreciate all we’ve achieved — here are some of the spotlights!

Key Highlights

We had a strong showing this month with good growth across the board, such as TVL, volume, and fees generated powered by the brand-new liquidity pools as well as general crypto market growth. Once again, we continue to knock out our new ATH in the trading volume.

Tokens and Liquidity Pools Recently Added

Saros is out to be a prominent player that serves as the ultimate DeFi platform native to Solana, drives adoption, and contributes to the ecosystem's growth as well. This principle is proved via a plethora of listing on Saros that are well worth appreciating.

After careful consideration, recently we are glad to list the new waves of Solana tokens on the Saros platform. For users of Saros, this is accompanied well by depositing LP and earning fee rewards.

This will be the first of many this month, as we are restructuring the pool and listing more tokens.

It is very delighted to onboard emerging and prospective projects' tokens on top of us allowing our users to benefit more effectively. If you'd like to be mentioned here, please contact us via Twitter DMs or Discord!

Brace yourselves, many new projects will arrive on Saros!


We've also tried our best to bring much more benefit to the community, helping Saros expand via numerous outreach initiatives and events.

During those two weeks, to celebrate the new listing of HBB and FXS on Saros, we also organized the social giveaways in 72 hours.

100$ rewards giveaways to the 10 luckiest winners who

- Like, RT our Twitter post & tag 3 friends

- Follow Saros Finance & project's Twitter

- Comment your Solana address on Coin98 Wallet.

Those two mini-events welcomed 1000+ participation, gaining 51k+ impressions. Those figures are truly our inspiration on the journey of building and developing.

Product updates

We are continually refining our product at Saros, encompassing aspects such as browsing speed, user interface, user engagement, and so on. The team is actively looking for and dealing with these issues even the tiniest ones.

Closing thought

It's been another busy time, with everything from new listing to community events. We are grateful to the community for all of your generosity. We are striving to be a stronghold for the DeFi space on the Solana blockchain.

Thank you for joining us, and stay tuned - the best is yet to come. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed building it!

Remember the best way to stay up-to-date on all Saros updates is to subscribe to our Blog. If you want to integrate our liquidity pool, welcome to Saros Integration Guide. This documentation contains a Javascript SDK module that makes integrating with the Saros simple.

For tutorials and FAQs, please visit:

See you next two weeks!