Saros Biweekly Times | W18 & W19 - 2022

Check out the highlighted updates from Saros in the W18 & W19

Saros Biweekly Times | W18 & W19 - 2022

Time moves at the speed of light when we're building in DeFi and our team has been hard at work providing the best to the Saros community. Our primary goal is to offer the most satisfactory experience and assist more users in landing on the Solana space and the DeFi realm in general.

Despite the market's ups and downs, we try to build more key integrations, bring advantageous updates & features, and organize fruitful events that our community can all enjoy.

We hope you appreciate all we’ve achieved — here are some of the highlights!

Key Highlights

We had a strong showing these 2 weeks with good growth across the board, such as an increase in volume in spite of the recent turbulent markets. Once again, we will continue to knock out our new ATH in the trading volume and carry on building regardless of the market outlook.

Tokens and Liquidity Pools

Saros is out to be a prominent player that serves as the ultimate DeFi platform native to Solana, driving adoption, and contributing to the ecosystem's growth as well. This principle is proven via a plethora of listings on Saros that are well worth appreciating.

With all the new tokens that have been added onto the Saros platform, which of the following tokens and liquidity pool tokens will you be adding to your shopping cart and earn some fee rewards?

This is only the beginning, as we are restructuring the pools and working to list more tokens and set up more liquidity pools of various tokens in the Solana ecosystem.

It is very delightful to onboard emerging and prospective projects' tokens on top of allowing our users to benefit more effectively. If you'd like to be mentioned here, please get in touch with us via Twitter DMs or Discord!

Stay tuned, many new projects will arrive on Saros and the Solana ecosystem!

Product updates

We have been continually improving our product at Saros, encompassing aspects such as browsing speed, user interface, user engagement, and so on. The team is actively looking for and rectifying any issues found, even the tiniest ones. Feel free to reach out on our various channels to contact the team if there is something you feel can be improved!

Closing thoughts

It's been another busy fortnight. Despite the whirlwind week we just had, we are grateful to the community for all of your support and we hope everyone is holding on strong. We are striving to be a stronghold for the DeFi space on the Solana blockchain and we seek our community’s support as we continue to build Saros & the Solana ecosystem.

Thank you for joining us, and stay tuned - the best is yet to come. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed building it!

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See you in two weeks!