Saros Biweekly Times | W24 & W25 - 2022

It's that time of the week once more! We're thrilled to have completed the last 2 weeks with so many delights and good news. Let's find out together!

Saros Biweekly Times | W24 & W25 - 2022

We're halfway through the year 2022 and the Saros ecosystem continues to expand at breakneck speed. These two busy weeks witnessed the incredible strides we've made toward our product: SarosFarm is LIVE! Furthermore, we are incredibly delighted to have announced the first batch of farming pools on SarosFarm: C98 - USDC, USDC-USDH, SOL - USDH, DUST-USDH, BASIS-USDH, MILK-SOL, FORGE-SOL, SNTR - C98 with the average APR up to 500%. Those significant milestone has shown the nonstop working spirit of our team to meet the expectations of the community.

In case you’re not in the loop, here’s what happened in detail with Saros over the last 2 weeks. We hope you appreciate all we’ve achieved!

Key Highlights

The last two weeks have also witnessed Saros's good growth across the board, such as a rise in volume, TVL, the abundant new tokens, and LP.

We are on the move this summer by continuing to break our new trading volume high and increase the TVL regardless of the market outlook.

Saros Farm is LIVE!

We have just launched Saros Farm - our culmination of months of hard work and listening feedback from users.

SaroFarm, an innovative platform for various incentivized pools, allows our Solana users to experience incredibly high yields and assist projects in fast and steadily increasing their liquidity.

Experience the new wave of farming rewards brought about by this launch!

The Latest Farming Pools

All great things start from humble beginnings.

The C98-USDC is an initial step in the journey of expanding the Saros ecological landscape in the DeFi world.

On Jun 18, we also introduced 4 other new farming pools paired with USDH: USDC-USDH, SOL - USDH, DUST-USDH, and BASIS-USDH. The average current APR is 600% and we have 1 week left to enjoy this lucrative reward.

The effort didn't stop there. 2 days later, we welcomed SNTR - C98 farming pool with the huge reward of 2,000,000 SNTR.

And the two newest friends that have just landed on Saros Farm since yesterday are MILK and FORGE. 2000% APR is enough impressive? Dont's let your capital stand still, grab this opportunity!

All farming pools are live at:

You can see the tutorial details and FAQs of farming on SarosFarm here.

The farming pools featured on Saros arrive in batches, which says much about the platform's development dynamics.

Follow us to catch the latest pools.

New tokens and liquidity pools added

Saros constantly broadens user access to the world of Solana projects. The last two weeks have seen an explosive wave of new tokens & LPs listed.

At the end of May, more than 80 tokens and 40 LPs had been listed on Saros. That number has since surged to over 90 tokens and 50 LPs — and counting!

Let’s say hello to them!


The audit for SarosFarm from Inspex is completed!

At Saros, we take security seriously and endeavor to make our smart contracts as secure as possible. The smart contract has been audited by Inspex. Check the detailed report here.

Saros Farm Grand Opening

In the middle weeks of June, Saros shouted out to all beloved users inviting them to take advantage of more perks.

To bring more joy to our dear Saros Farmers, we hosted a 5,000 USDC farming giveaway on Jun 15th, 2022.

The event lasted 10 happy-farming days from Jun 15, 2022, to Jun 25, 2022, with super simple social tasks & only 1 farming task.

More exciting events will be revealed in the next weeks,

We hope our users will love those, and continue to support us as you have always been.

Product updates

As we get ready for the second half of this year and much more work, you'll see that many areas of the dApp have been enhanced providing the best experience in DeFi to all users.

We are trying to provide a streamlined user experience for retail investors while still keeping the benefits of DeFi apps, such as permissionlessness and a strong degree of security

Closing thought

Saros Weekly Times serves as a reflection of our actions and value-creating activities inside the Saros ecosystem.

We are aware of how challenging the market conditions are right now, but it is in these situations that we must hold onto our faith and persevere.

The challenges and achievements that shaped us into a bigger and better project throughout those weeks are all included. We will leverage all we have discovered from our experiences to create new ideas and solutions that will help change the way Solana looks. In order to develop solutions that improve the experience of the community, we aim to establish ourselves as a prominent builder that serves as a leading DEX on Solana. Come along on our journey as we explore the advancements and support the major advances on the blockchain. We pledge to exert every effort necessary to become a project of destiny for all Solana users.

That's all for now - the middle weeks of June. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join subscribe to our blog to get the latest news. Thank you and see you next week!

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