Saros Finance is now LIVE on Solscan - Top choice Solana Blockchain Explorer!

We are delighted to announce the presence of Saros Finance on the Solscan, expanding user choice for analytic tools on Solana.

Saros Finance is now LIVE on Solscan - Top choice Solana Blockchain Explorer!

The integration

Solscan is one of the top-tier explorers on Solana Blockchain, offering more than just a way of displaying transactions, accounts, or tokens.

Solscan main interface

On Solscan, users are enabled to have a better, more overall look into what is happening in the Solana blockchain space, how you can better manage your accounts, as well as looking for investment opportunities across various platforms in the ecosystem.

With the addition of Saros on Solscan, users can now enjoy even better data availability on Solscan in terms of liquidity pools, new token listings,... supporting the decision making process.

A few tips: Saros Finance on Solscan

In the Solscan main page, Saros can be spotted right away in the Defi Dashboard section. In this Dashboard, you can have a good comparison of major AMMs on Solana with regard to volume and liquidity.

Saros on Solscan main interface

Solscan search tool will display the available markets for each token searched. In this case, the best markets for Coin98 ($C98) are on Saros, with different liquidity pairs.

C98 Markets

Users can also find this “Market” reference in each token page, with “Trade” buttons linking to the swapping interface directly.

Token Markets interface

You can also navigate to the Defi Dashboard / Saros Finance by hovering the Defi button on the top toolbar.

Defi Toolbar

There are a few key metrics that one should go through in this interface: Total Value Locked (TVL), Total 24h Trading Volume and Total 24h Transactions. Users can search for their favorite LPs on Saros, as well as filter the list of LPs by TVL or Total 24h Volume.

Saros Dashboard (SAROS | Solscan)

Going deeper into each LP, we can see the number of locked tokens within each pool. In addition, changes in price, volume or TVL of each LP are clearly displayed, giving an overall look of how the pool is working from time to time.

Users can also see specific trades involved in each LP, including liquidity provision, liquidity removal and swaps.

C98-USDC LP stats on Saros


The integration of Saros on Solscan - a powerful analytic project on Solana - is expected to enhance Saros user experience in terms of statistical analysis and tracking, which will ultimately help to make better decisions.

Disclaimer: The information provided is given only for educational purposes, and it should not be considered financial advice. Saros is not liable for any financial losses or other damages incurred as a result of utilizing the aforementioned initiatives, platforms, or cryptocurrencies.

About Saros Finance

Saros Finance is the ultimate DeFi platform native to Solana, with trading, staking, and yield farming services. Built by Coin98 Labs, Saros Finance aims to adopt millions of users to DeFi.

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About Solscan

Solscan is a blockchain explorer used to search through information on the Solana blockchain. Solscan turns complex transactional data into something that can be easily read. The block explorer provides access to anything recorded on-chain, including crypto transactions, addresses, smart contracts, blocks, tokens, and more.

The project is backed by top-tier funds like Multicoin Capital, Electric Capital, Jump Capital, Sequoia India,..

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