Saros Finance Unveils The New Identity: Elevating user experience to the next level

Let's take a closer look at the brand new version of Saros Finance!

Saros Finance Unveils The New Identity: Elevating user experience to the next level

Over the last few years, Solana has been exploding in popularity, and quickly positioned itself as one of the hottest blockchain in the whole DeFi ecosystem. This, on the other hand, poses a great challenge of “uniqueness” in identity for every project built on the Solana ecosystem - home to 500+ DApps all at once.

Like the wind blows, change is the nature of crypto space.

As the industry evolves in the adaptation to new market scenarios, Saros Finance is not an outsider of this movement.

In the latest effort to elevate user experience while using our DeFi products, we are thrilled to introduce a brand-new identity of Saros Finance, which includes improved UI/UX design, expanded functionality, and an all-in-one interface that is quick, easy, and simple to use.

Let's take a closer look!

About the brand-new look of Saros

This revamp marks a new chapter for Saros on Solana - a constantly changing and developing ecosystem. A complete and comprehensive makeover has been made with the same mutual goal to build a much more accessible and convenient DeFi platform for all users.

The new Brand Identity is inspired by Astronomy sense, Orbital motion to be exact. You will see design touches with this vibe across the new version of Saros Finance, which expresses our idea of Saros constantly moving as us making moves to grow yet still focusing on the mutual goal of being the best DeFi protocol possible - an unit that flows around, connecting all projects on Solana.

At Saros, it’s all about simplicity, elegance and efficiency. The new UI/UX with emphasized minimal coloring - purple and white color design - is expected to bring a more user-friendly and transparent vibe, while still able to maintain the well-structured transaction flow.

We also included a new feature in this revamp, the Snapshot - where users can explore various events and competitions with exciting rewards from Saros as well as our featured partners. A real DeFi Suite on Solana!

Exploring The New Saros


SarosSwap has been and always will be the core of Saros Finance.

Price chart of each token in different time frames (24H, 7D, 30D) along with crucial information such as 24H Liquidity or 24H Volume is improved for your trading experience.

Charts on SarosSwap

Transaction history is also redesigned for a clearer view of each transaction.

Transaction History

Adding/Removing LPs

The Liquidity interface is also revamped. You can now check the price of each token in the LP, as well as the equivalent share of the pool for the liquidity you were trying to add.

You can also check if there are any added LPs that are being engaged in the Farms, which allows users to better track their current portfolio on Saros.

Liquidity Interface

Pools Information Page

Information is the key. Bearing this in mind, the LP information page was carefully makeovered for better view and analysis of Saros statistics.

New chart display

In addition to the old version data (Daily volume, daily liquidity,...), each LP information now displays the Total Tokens Locked as well as the navigation to add LP and swap interface. A brand new look!

New LP Information Interface

SarosStake & SarosFarm

What hasn’t changed? The transaction flow on both SarosFarm and SarosStake still remains simple, basic, and easy-to-use.

And what's new? Everything about the looks, including typography, palette, parameters, and so on, is enhanced and advanced. The theme is now more lively than ever, with brighter tones and reflecting a more dynamic atmosphere.

In addition, the data retrieving route is optimized, bringing faster, silky smooth tracking and analysis experience.

SarosStake and SarosFarm - the new version


Snapshot is Saros’ latest “feature", where we will host multiple promotional events and competitions with absolutely juicy rewards coming from the team as well as our featured partners.

And what’s more? With the upgraded version of Snapshot, participants will have a transparent and comprehensive tracking of campaigns’ leaderboard and other data, which results in better strategies and decision making to win the loaded prizes!

Snapshot competition leaderboard
Snapshot competition

Stay tuned for the upcoming thrilling competitions and events right on Saros Snapshot!

Wrapping up

With the new version, we hope that your journey with Saros will be elevated to the next level, whether you're trading, staking, or joining our upcoming campaign to earn.

Take your time to walk through all of the new changes and try it yourself.

Enjoy now at Saros Finance | A DeFi Super-Network Built on Solana

About Saros Finance

Saros Finance is the ultimate DeFi platform native to Solana, with trading, staking, and yield farming services. Built by Coin98 Labs, Saros Finance aims to adopt millions of users to DeFi.

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