Saros Finance x Project Galaxy: Earn Exclusive Sarosism NFT!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our very first NFT line - Sarosism - will be featured on Project Galaxy Campaign.

Saros Finance x Project Galaxy: Earn Exclusive Sarosism NFT!

Be the earliest birds to grab the Sarosism NFT Chapter 1: Community on Project Galaxy!

Sarosism NFT Collection

The Sarosism NFT collection is meant to serve as a token of our gratitude and a contributor badge for community members joining us in our growth journey. Besides, each chapter may empower its holders with different abilities in the later phase of Saros Finance.

“Chapter 1: Community” is the first division of the Sarosism NFT collection. The minting eligibility of each chapter is time-wise limited, meaning if you fail to complete the tasks during the campaign period, you won’t be able to mint it.

Event Timeline

Event time: From July 20th 20:30 to August 10th 20:00 (UTC+7) (Extended)

Minting time: August 11th 20:00 (UTC+7) on Project Galaxy Platform.

How to join

Finish all the tasks on Gleam during the Event time.

Sarosism NFT Chapter 1| Community (

The tasks are extremely simple:

- Follow Saros Finance Twitter

- Retweet the event announcement & tag 3 friends with #Sarosism #SarosNFTs hashtags

- Subscribe to Saros Finance Telegram channel

- Join Saros Finance Discord Community

- Invite Min. 1 friend to join the event

Note: The above tasks can be finished in any order, and please complete all of them in time to be eligible to mint the Sarosism NFT.

Eligible participants list will be updated at the end of the event time so that you will be able to visit the campaign page on Project Galaxy to mint.

How to mint

1. Visit “Sarosism NFT Chapter 1: Community” Campaign Page on the Project Galaxy platform.

2. Connect your wallet to Project Galaxy & Mint!

If your connecting address is among the qualified participating addresses, you will be able to press a “Claim” button to mint the NFT.

Note: Please use the address you filled in the Gleam and be noted that you will have to pay the Solana network minting fee, which should be only a fraction of a cent (Averagely 0.00001 SOL)


Why Sarosism NFTs?

The answer is why NOT Sarosism NFT. With the release of Sarosism, we expect to open up a whole new world of content and advanced features on Saros.

Where can I access the NFT campaign?

The NFT campaign is hosted on Project Galaxy at Limited Exclusive Sarosism NFT Chapter 1: Community! by Saros Finance | Project Galaxy.

Will there be more NFT collections in the future?

Absolutely. The creativity is endless at Saros and we do not have the intention to end at 1 collection only.

Terms & Conditions

- Saros reserves the right to cancel or amend any activity rules at its sole discretion;

- Saros reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity;

About Saros Finance

Saros Finance is the ultimate DeFi platform native to Solana, with trading, staking, and yield farming services. Built by Coin98 Labs, Saros Finance aims to adopt millions of users to DeFi.

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About Project Galaxy

Project Galaxy is building a protocol that powers on-chain credentials with plug-and-play NFT modules. The permissionless infrastructure allows everyone to create, distribute, and gamify NFTs with the customized on-chain data. Developers can build their own loyalty programs, and individuals can issue and claim the NFTs backed by their on-chain achievements.

With Project Galaxy, NFTs become more than just collectibles, but also forms of identification, empowering developers and community members to build more engaging communities together.

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