Saros Monthly Times | February - 2022

Saros has been on a high-speed flywheel since its launch. In February, we secured key integrations, continued to onboard more tokens & liquidity pools on Saros, and launched a slew of events. Let's have a look at this Monthly update.

Saros Monthly Times | Feb - 2022

The Saros Ecosystem is proving time and again that its expansion is unstoppable & unrelenting. Each new month brings us new tokens and liquidity pools landed, new integrations joining the universe, as well as countless innovations & changes within the sphere itself.

It’s time to give you a recap of what we’ve accomplished. This infographic will cover it all.

Our growth will never end, even when we close another chapter in 2022. We're still working hard to meet our beloved users' expectations, and we've made a lot of progress that we'd want to share with you in monthly reports like this.

Thank you to everyone who is part of the Saros community, please stay tuned for more exciting news from us, we will keep you informed. Meanwhile, we also welcome all users, builders, and partners to talk to us about our product integration and cooperation at any moment.

Remember the best way to stay up-to-date on all Saros updates is to subscribe to our Blog. If you want to integrate our liquidity pool, welcome to Saros Integration Guide. This documentation contains a Javascript SDK module that makes integrating with the Saros simple.

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See you next month!

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Saros Finance is the ultimate DeFi platform native to Solana, with trading, staking, and yield farming services. Built by Coin98 Labs, Saros Finance aims to adopt millions of users to DeFi.

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