Saros Monthly Times - July 2022

Saros Monthly Time is back! In this report, we'll be revealing what's been going on in the Saros Finance world and what we've achieved in July 2022.

Saros Monthly Times - July 2022

Another challenging month has gone by and we want to wrap it up with our beloved Saros Communities!

Before entering a dynamic August, let’s take a look at July’s highlights with us through the infographic below:

We have seen some great milestons in July 2022:

  • Multiple staking/farming pools with massive APRs!
  • New partnership and integration: Project Galaxy, Solscan,...
  • Steady growth in numbers of token listing, liquidity and trading volume
  • Especially the official launch of exclusive Sarosism NFT: Chapter 1 on Project Galaxy
  • Brand new educational series: Explore-with-Saros (now Saros Spotlight)

This month also marks brilliant development of our communities, all thanks to the profound love and support from Sarosians.

Stay tuned for a dynamic August with many major events and developments!

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If you want to integrate our liquidity pool, welcome to Saros Integration Guide. This documentation contains a Javascript SDK module that makes integrating with the Saros simple.

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