SarosStake Kick-off: Stake SNTR, Earn SNTR - APR up to 1200% !

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce SarosStake, the next building block in Saros Finance. No impermanent loss. No complicated steps of adding liquidity. SarosStake is the most simple way to earn tokens!

SarosStake Kick-off: Stake SNTR, Earn SNTR - APR up to 1200% !

SarosStake is now LIVE! To kick-off this big milestone, we are bringing a brand new pool - the very first staking pool on Saros. Check it out now!

Stake Sentre (SNTR), Earn Sentre (SNTR) - Up to 1200% APR!

Our very first staking pool shall be Sentre - an All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity. Learn more about Sentre here.

Stake SNTR and Earn SNTR.

It is easy as it seems. Just stake your SNTR and you can harvest rewards in the same token.

  • Total reward: 500,000 SNTR
  • Tentative duration: 1 month from June 28 - July 28, 2022
  • The reward will start at block 139,353,671 and end at block 145,833,671. Users can check the detailed block at:

Tutorial on how to Stake on Saros here.

During the upcoming weeks, SarosStake will work with more burgeoning projects to bring more engaging staking pools.

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